182 is $105. Per Hour Wet

172 is $80. Per Hour Wet

235 is $95. Per Hour Wet

Who We Are

Riverside Pilots is a Non-Profit Flying Club based at Riverside Municipal Airport (KRAL). We are not owned or affiliated with any FBO. For over 40 years, we have been providing our members with safe and affordable flying with our fleet of three airplanes. All airplane maintenance is professional performed and overseen by the club Maintenance Officer.

KRAL is a towered field owned by the City of Riverside. For instrument flight, RAL has ILS, VOR and GPS approaches. Taxiways and Runway 9/27 have recently been resurfaced and  new lighting installed. Our airplanes are conveniently tied down just outside of the airport terminal building where you will find a pilots lounge and rest rooms. D&D Cafe is also located  within the terminal building, a great place to meet your guests or enjoy a meal after your flight.